5 years later...

this picture is so classic kelly . LOL

SO! internet world! It's been 5 years since ive updated this thing. Life is still great me and kelly are still married and still living in austin. We have two cats Scout and Sadie. WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!...in april of 2011. Its going to be a "HEY! we just got out of humongous debt" celebration. We are going to Disney World and Universal Studios. It's going to be awesome. We have a plan to pay off everything by then , then after the trip and we are back home we are going to start saving for a down payment for a house. I know its a year away but im so excited for everything that this will mean for us. House! No Debt! more money! its going to be great to not have to have any stresses about money and not living in an apartment anymore.

I'm working for a customer service call center, i have been there for 4 years. Kelly is working for a mail room in a office building. So we are doing pretty well. I started working out and eating right since september and ive lost almost 40 pounds and kelly NOT EVEN TRYING has lost 10. So I'm really into working out and counting calories ..so into it i would almost say obsessed. It feels good to be so close to fitting into normal sized clothes and not plus size :)

Okay! i will update more often! with whats going on in our changing lives! :)


The wedding was great. We have been married for 3 months since yesterday. sorry for the lack of blogging


5 days!

wow so its five days until the wedding.
almost everything has fallen into place
all i need now are tiny things like a wreath hanger and some guitar cables. haha.
oh and we cant forget rose petals.

im trying to eat right so i can fit into my dress. maybe it was just joseph and kelly not knowing how to zip something but it wouldnt budge, mandy can do it shes done it before lol.

i must go now



Alright we are 2 weeks and 5 days away.
still have quite a few little things to do.
Friday mandy came down and we did a semi-hair trial and a make up trial. the make up i think is going to look awesome.
the hair we didnt have any hairspray because im a crappy girl so we couldnt do it how its supposed to look. but shes coming down on the 3rd and we are going to dye and try again.
Friday we also picked up my dress. *sighhhh* no more stressing about that. now its just a matter of finding alterations that can get it done in about a week. davids bridal was too crazy expensive for just a hem. crazies. maybe at the cheaper place i can get a bustle for the price of what davids bridal wanted for the hem for both! mwah ha.
I need to sign the contract and mail it and then call and give them a credit card number. then ask my mom for the remainder that kellys mom wont pay.

we need to go get the marriage liscense.

alright ill remember more in a little while..



one month

wow! its exactly one month until the wedding.
crazy huh?

today we went to pick up some bowls for centerpieces from a girl selling them on the knot. 16 bowls and 10 yards of tulle for only 40 bucks! not bad not bad. maybe ill do people a favor and sell mine after the wedding.

i made a list today at work of things i still needed to do

- look into fake flowers prices and such (hobby lobby, micheals, garden ridge etc)
- river rocks prices and how many are in a package. i need quite a few.
- wreath , i need to decide if i want a real or fake. fake would be cool because i could use it in our house or something when we get older
- white over the door wreath hanger.
- paint pens to write on river rocks. either a sage green or white. im thinking white
- huge basket or vase for a large arrangement
- florist foam
- wire to make table numbers (josephs idea: wrap wire to spell out letters and then have it have a straight wire go down then wrap around a river rock and sit in the water of the bowls )
- call the florist! i havent got an email back from her and i emailed her on sunday. (freaking out)
- maybe look for some ribbon or tulle
- more floating candles from walmart
- look for jewelry. unless im wearing the necklace my grandma got me from morroco.
- finish track listing for cds and start burning them
- stop listening to peter gabriel
- figure out programs
- prices on rose petals or dozens of roses.

okay i think thats it. haha i keep saying ehh i only have a few more things to do. yeah right!



yes's - 18 people
no's- 10 people

at this rate i hope it stays at under 100 people.. *crosses fingers*



wedding bands
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Here are our wedding bands, kellys of course is on the left and my bling bling is on the right. i love my ring!

Good times, so far we have recieved 6 total people's worth of Accepts RSVP and 10 Regrets.

OH! and i just got a package on the porch a table cloth from kellys uncle.


more wedding stuff!

so today we went to walmart and bought 10 of the bowls for the centerpieces. i only bought 10 for now since we have not even got ANY RSVP's and they have been out for about a week now. oh and we bought the stones for the bowls. cds , labels and cases for the mix cd favor. im getting so much done! i cant believe it.

we also put a deposit on a cake at walmart, no seriously , its awesome. 110 bucks for a cake! thats cheap! and it feeds like 118 people! im going to decorate it myself too, some flowers or something.
hmm what else.. im looking into a florist and i have to look into finding a decently priced photographer.



what we did this weekend

well! with my mom in town we got alot done.

what has been done
- payed the remainder for the hall
- bought my dress,veil, boustiee and petticoat. (ready by sept. 7th, pushing it but its on time)
- got kellys suit, tie and alterations. (pick up august 15th)
- got rings (pick up kellys sized ring august 31st)
- got our chucks, i convinced my momma to let me wear chucks for both the ceremony and reception
- ate at the restaurant that is going to be catering, its pretty good. texas rib kings

Needs to be done
- the cake, walmart probably. cheaper and will look good
- flowers
- find a photographer
- decorations and centerpieces
- favors (cds, stickers and cd cases)

i feel so accomplished and not nervous anymore



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me and my momma at the bridal shower

whats been up

So this past weekend we went to lake jackson to do invitations and to go to the bridal shower.
i like how the invitations turned out for the most part, we also got matching thank you cards. im anxiously waiting for the RSVP's to return.

the bridal shower was awkward but we got alot of awesome gifts. i guess it was just because it was alot of older ladies , no one really talking to me. it was weird.

this weekend is my wedding stuff weekend
i know i know its kinda late, im hopeing everything will go well with the dress and i can actually get the one i want. we were having money issues that were finally resolved. we basically have to go all in one swoop and get what we need. suits, shoes , decorations, the cake, etc..
lets keep our fingers crossed for a good weekend

OH! how could i forget! my 21st birthday is this weekend ,lyn and chad are coming into town on friday night. should be funnnnn


I've been thinking about rehearsal dinner clothes.. and i want to wear a skirt but something not too dressy but not too casual either i dunno.. how about either this top with

this skirt .. or

this top with ..

this skirt.


i saw this bouqet and knew the old was out and this one was in.

and this bout is simple and will look great.

shoes shoes shoes

okay so for homecoming and prom i wore chucks, for pretty much any event ive worn chucks then why is it that my mom said i cant wear chucks? she said wear a flat. so im going to compromise with these sparkly things from journeys they are pretty cute and only 19.99!! ill probably only wear them for the ceremony and part of the reception, like the eating part. then for the dancing change into the chucks

my something blue